Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh No, Not Another Blog

Hello, Bob Brock here...or as many kids visiting me here at Mueller ask..."Are you Bob the Builder?" Easy to remember, huh? I am a very lucky guy who works for the best Builder in Texas ~ Streetman Homes ~ and selling in the #1 neighborhood in Central Texas....Mueller. The Mueller Community is on the 'Upper Eastside' of Austin, Texas. Yep, that's right...only 2 miles from Univ. of Texas and 5 mins North East from Downtown.'s Location, Location, Location. It's the old Austin Airport.
What we build here are beautiful 5-Star Green Homes....35 so far (that's over 40% of all the 5-Star Green Homes in Austin...I bet you didn't know that about Streetman, eh?)as well as many 3 & 4-Star Green Homes. What people are amazed to find is that these homes are beautiful, warm, inviting, livable, with all the features you can imagine...even including Pet Showers! This is Austin, remember. Or as one homeowner stated...."You do not need to live in a Steel & Glass Cube to have energy efficiency and be kind to the environment. How great is that...Thank you Streetman!"
OK, that's it for the 1st blog.....let me know what you think, what you want to hear about and I will do my best to oblige. I will be sharing various videos, radio broadcast and even National Television shows we have been a part of....can't wait can you?
BTB (Bob the Builder)

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  1. Hey Bob! I'm keen to see what you have to say - you always do such a great job of getting Streetman and our neighborhood out into the public eye!