Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Award Winning Year

As we are closing down 2009, what a Year it has been for Streetman Homes and for us here at Mueller. Some of the Awards bestowed on Streetman Homes this year are:
Builder of the Year ~ Austin Business Journal
Green Builder of the Year ~ Home Builders Association (2 years running)
Best Sales Manger of the Year ~ Ryan Jackson Home Bldrs Assoc.
Best Marketing Professional of the Year ~ Natalie R. Bowers Home Bldrs Assoc.
Community of the Year(Mueller) ~ Austin Buisness Journal
Best Product Design of the Year(Mueller Model) ~ Home Builders Association
Best Const. Superintendent of the Year(James Prince-Mueller) ~ Home Bldrs Assoc.
and even your humble Blogger received
Best Sales Person of the Year ~ Home Builders Association

Pretty Impressive all around....especially for a Local Builder not trying to be the biggest...just the BEST! Way to go Streetman!
It has been a great year...we have been joined by many wonderful new Streetman Family Homeowners (I will blog about them soon) who have shown their confidence in our company to build their family's home....there is no greater compliment. We have received more "Happy Homeowner Letters" from them this year than any previous year....I guess that means we are doing things right.

We are proud of our homes....I ran into one of my peers from another builder a month or so ago at Home Depot. They had a scowl on their face...I ask what was wrong and they said they just got an ear full from a homeowner about a quality issue. Their quote to me was, "I hate running into my homeowners. They always want to complain about something". Wow, that sure says something...I have to say I am the opposite. I love it seeing my homeowners...getting hugs, howdy's and Thank you's! My wife thinks it's so cool at how terrific my homeowners are when we run into each them. That's why it is great to represent Streetman Homes here in Austin!
Until next time.......
Bob the Builder

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