Friday, September 3, 2010

'One' of a Kind

Down to one. One 1-Story home. That's it. Since the last post, we have sold the other 1-story and we sold the last remaining Townhome. Good few weeks. But, don't can still get the last one! This is the one...a true one-of-a-kind. No other home looks like this beauty...the copper looking siding, the beautiful natural trusses. Add to the fact it is on the Lady Bird Johnson greenway, views on UT Tower, you need to come see this.

Look forward to seeing you.........

Monday, August 16, 2010


OMG....are you kidding me. Opportunity is defined in Webster's as:
op·por·tu·ni·ty   / –noun, plural -ties.
1. an appropriate or favorable time or occasion: Their meeting afforded an opportunity to exchange views.
2. a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.
3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Here is the "opportunity" of a lifetime. As you saw in my last post, we have two of the most incredible homes built in Austin. And, now they are priced below market as we are closing out our final homes here on the Upper East Side at Mueller. Yep, that's right....check this out >

This is my Model.....we have reduced the price of this Award Winning home from $860,000 to only $799,000. That is one amazing value. Don't miss out!

But I haven't stopped. My one of a kind Custom home has also been reduced to sell! It has been reduced $120,000 to only $879,000.

Now you get the OMG! Call me right away. These are too amazing to pass up!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dynamic Duo's

There have been many dynamic duo's throughout history.....Batman & Robin, Martin & Lewis, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cheech and Chong, Bert and Ernie, Bob & James(see earlier post)........

......Peanut Butter & Jelly....our homeowners have come to know the best New Home dynamic duo in Austin..... Streetman Homes & Mueller.

Here are a few comments from our homeowners......"Our Streetman home is really well-built and designed. It is both livable in design and solid in construction. The green-building features throughout the home have kept our utility bills at a fraction of what a comparably-sized home would use. It’s amazing! When asked by our friends and family about our electric usage, they think we’re putting them on. As you know, our family places a high priority on reducing our ecological footprint. Still, it’s one thing to talk green and another to live it. You’ve built us an extremely smart home."

"I have now been in my home 6 weeks and find the home a perfect fit. Friends who have visited love the house and agree my furniture fits perfectly. When I received my first utility bills I couldn’t believe how low they were. With the help of Bob, I closed on the home in Mueller 11/2 months later. This was a quick decision but the home style, location and general friendliness and helpfulness of the Streetman staff helped make the transition easy. After I moved in, James Prince continued the great service by responding immediately to any concerns I had about the house and he helped me locate many service people.
Bob & James ahave been great!"

It's always nice for others to let you know you are doing things right!

Speaking of Dynamic Duo's.........check out another great combination.

These are two of the most amazing homes on the "Upper Eastside". They have the best views of Downtown, UT, the Lake Park...just amazing. Check these out.....

If you haven't been by to see these two super me at 567-7039 and let's set a time for you to have a personal tour. Both have won several Awards...they are both one-of-a-kind! Don't wait! See you soon!

Once in a Lifetime

In the next few days, we are going have a date that will be a unique occurrence....the unusual number line up will only happen 4 more times in next 93 years.....or only 10 times in a lifetime. Curious? A week from Monday, it will be 8/9/10. Yep, pretty cool huh? What a great day to be born....everyone would always remember your birthday. (By the way, speaking of remembering, my birthday is that day, August 9th that is...will you always remember now?) Just thought I'd let you know.

Speaking of once in a lifetime, we are down to one 5-Star Green 1-Story home. Yep, the last one. Last chance for years to come for a 5-Star Green home here at Mueller.

This home is at 2516 Tom Miller and is a rare home because of it's views of Downtown & UT Tower from it's Front Porch: it's location on the LBJ Wildflower Center greenway and park while also being the lowest priced Streetman home on Tom Miller St. As you know, that is always the best place to be!

A few of the other features of this wonderful home are:

Huge Side Patio with access from Master Suite
Lots of Closet/Storage Space
Travertine Tops in Master Bath
Double headed Shower
Finishes selected by an independent Designer
Immediate Move-In and no More 5-Star Green homes being built here for 2-3 years
Only 1-Story Home available w/ Downtown & Lake Views
Rare 5-Star Green Home
One of the Most Energy Efficient Homes being built in Austin (Gas & Electric bills will average $110 per month COMBINED!)
Wood Floors - Kitchen, living areas, dining room
Upgraded Carpet (Feels like Cashmere) in other Bedrooms
Wood Double-Hung Windows
8’ Solid Wood Stained Doors w/ 6” baseboards & 4” window casings
On-Demand Tankless water heaters
Stainless-Steel GE Profile Appliances w/ Convection Oven
Custom Hickory Cabinets with Built-in Trash Bins and Sponge Tray
Largest Walk-in Pantry we have ever built
Stone Fireplace with Custom Stained Mantel
Oversized Soaking Tub
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs throughout
Full landscaping & sprinkler
2-Car attached garage with no step entering home
Great Neighbors
Friendliest neighborhood in Austin
1 block from pool
Walking paths throughout neighborhood

Getting the picture? Don't miss many times will you ever have the chance to own a 5-Star Green Home at Mueller? Maybe..."Once in a Lifetime"!
Call me at 567-7039 and let me help you get in this beautiful home.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Other Half (Full or Empty)

Well, we have turned the corner on the year. On to the 2nd half! Hope you had a terrific 4th of July Holiday. Has this year flown by or do I just say that every year? It is an amazing year many major situations happening: Oil Spill, Economy, War, Immigration, you name it. There are many things out there. So are you a half-full or half-empty person.....or even better,(as Bill Gates states) the glass is always full(full of 'matter' when there isn't liquid). I like that idea. The silver lining, the lemonade from lemons, the icing on the cake....whatever you want to call it, there are many good things happening right now that make now a great time to buy a new home.

So, what are those reasons making it a great time? How about the lowest interest in the history(38 years)of tracking interest rates. A recent buyer got 3.9% for a 15 year fixed. Are you kidding me! Do you know that today you would save more than 2 1/2 times what you would have saved with the tax credit based on the interest rates being lower than back on April 30th. Aren't you mad no one has told you that?

Low prices.....New Home prices have never been lower than right now! But here is a news flash...they ARE GOING UP! Why...there are not lots left. We are running out here in Austin. Try finding a new community...they don't exist..they are all tied up and if you ask people who takes more than 2-3 years to get developments ready for building. So with less lots, job growth continuing here in Austin....things are aligned to buy a new home now.

In fact, KXAN News actually called us to come see what we are doing here at Mueller and in Austin to buck the trends happening nationally. Things are good in Austin. Check out their news video yourself.......

We have a few homes remaining....5-Star Green, loaded with features, great views, you name it. Come see me at 2300 Tom Miller or call for apoointment: 473-3725.
Don't regret jumping on this opportunity. It is a "once in a lifetime time".

Sunday, June 13, 2010


OK, I know I at one time lived in California, but that is not the FaceLift I am talking about. No, it is actually the old Control Tower at Mueller. This is an incredible old landmark for the city. Unfortunately, while Mueller was vacant for 10 years, vandals did some damage to it. Well, we have now started replacing the glass to take on it's original look of two-tone blue glass. (The smokey gray glass was put on later in 80's or early 90's.
Take a look............

Going to be great to see how amazing this structure is......
Don't wait to live here at Mueller and enjoy all that it great homes and great views.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What if I could Build on Your Lot

What if you had this beautiful piece of property and wanted to build a beautiful quality home on it...not sure where to turn....want someone you can trust and will be assured they will be around to finish the home.
Well, I've got a great solution. I can help you with this....Streetman Homes is now building homes on your lot. Yep, that's right. Green homes, small homes, large homes, all kinds of choices. We can do it.
We are building one now in Lockhart. Ready to start one near Buda, another in NW Austin.

All kinds of looks....

All types of sizes

While winding down here at Mueller....remember, we are even selling our Model now....we can give you another option to own a beautiful quality home from Streetman. Please call me....let's discuss what your desires are for in your home, price range and style. We will either adapt an existing plan or start from scratch.
As the Builder of the Year in Austin, you can be assured Streetman is a great choice for your new home!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Streetman, Mueller & Austin...An Unbeatable Combination

I saw this week in my Kiplinger Report that Austin was voted the #1 Best City for the NEXT DECADE! Check out the video from Kiplinger's about their view of Austin.
Yep, that's right...for the next decade. How many times do we all say how fortunate we are to be in Austin, Texas? If you are like me, it is many times a week. I thank my lucky stars my wife Amy and I chose to move to Austin 4 1/2 years ago. Did we ever get that right.
Couple that decision with selling homes for Streetman and you'd begin to think I was a wise ole(not old)sage. Add on to that being honored to represent Streetman at Mueller, and I have achieved the trifecta! #1 City, #1 Builder and #1 a friend of mine says.... "Just Living the Dream"!
Don't miss out on visiting us here at Mueller. We have just the couple single family homes and 1 Townhome.
Have a great Memorial Day better gift for the Holiday weekend than a move to the Upper Eastside Mueller neighborhood while living in the best home built in Austin.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What A Great Place

I write today after experiencing a wonderful evening here at Mueller. Last night, one of our Streetman homeowners, Cherie & Jon Werner, had a party celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary, a Birthday and 1 Year in their beautiful new home. They wanted to share this evening with family, friends and their neighbors here at Mueller. What a special evening. Some 75 people enjoying their beautiful home and being a part of a special evening where we also witnessed the Werner's renewing their wedding Vows. How wonderful it was to experience this and seeing their 3 most amazing & gifted daughters you will ever meet experience the love of their parents amongst 75 of their friends.
Why I share this with you all is to express what an amazing place Mueller is. The highest quality people you will meet. Many fellow Streetman homeowners enjoying the evening and feeling so good about their Streetman homes. In fact, my wife Amy also attended the evening and met many of my homeowners. Phyllis and Jan Smith, a neighbor of Werner's were so proud of their home they wanted to share it with Amy. And what a beautiful home....and they have done such a wonderful job with their home. To see them beaming about their home is so flattering and satisfying. It reminds me how fortunate I am to represent Streetman homes and being here at Mueller.

When I drove into our neighborhood today (I always cruise through entire area to get a pulse for the day) I witnessed a great site with parents playing & teaching their kids a new game in the park. Not the prettiest of days, but a crowded park enjoying the beauty of Mueller.

Or my first visitors here in my Model today was a family of 4 that put their bikes in their truck, drove here to Mueller and are riding their bikes around the neighborhood. Seriously, how many neighborhoods can say that. This is a rare place...come experience it. We have 4 homes left, now including my Award winning Model, and one Townhome. Come see me right away & experience what I get to experience every day....a great neighborhood, lasting friendships, wonderful homes & a feeling of satisfaction you have made the right choice!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Night!

So last night was the 2010 MAX Awards for the Greater Austin Area Home Builders Association and Streetman homes was the BIG Winner! 17 first place MAX Awards, 6 Silver Awards and the Coveted Grand MAX AWARD for Builder of the Year! How incredible....especially for a company our size.

What also made me very proud was how well we did here at our Upper EastSide neighborhood of Mueller. We were easily the Number 1 most awarded community in Austin Area....check this out:
Best Product Design ~ Our Mueller Model (2 Yrs Straight)

Best Green Home Builder ~ Our One of a Kind Custom Home on Camacho
(3 Yrs Straight as Green Builder of Year)

Best Product Design Specialty Product ~ Our Cool Townhomes

Best Sales Office ~ My Office in Model
Best Interior Merchandising ~ Our Mueller Model
Best Construction Manager of the Year ~ Our Very Own James Prince (2 Yrs Straight)

Best Sales Person of the Year ~ Your Humble Correspondent (2 Yrs Straight)
Silver Award for Best Custom Home Master Bath ~ Our One of a Kind Custom Home on Camacho
Silver Award for Best Interior Merchandising Showcase Home ~ Our Parade Home
Pretty incredible, eh?

So last week my blog said 'Blessed' is another varification of how blessed. What a great company we have at Streetman. The envy of others!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today it is 76 degrees and everything is Green here in Mueller more ways than one. (Remember, we build 5-Star Green homes here.)

Anyway, as I am walking a potential homebuyer down the street today to see my last available 1-story, they could not help but remark what a beautiful 'street scape' we have created here at Mueller. Just look at all the beauty surrounding our homes here....created by our homeowners and by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center....who better to create beautiful colorful greenways that LBJWC?

Just look......

Oh yeah....these sculptures were created by one of our homeowner's sons! How cool is that? They can sit on their front porch and see their son's work.
Looking at all this, it's pretty easy to understand why I say blessed, eh? Well, based on some Happy Homeowner letters we have received lately, this neighborhood is hard to top. Let me share a few of the comments from the letters we have received just in the last couple weeks:

"We tell all our friends about the great experience we've had and continue to have with you and your Team. It is obvious you enjoy what you are doing and the confidence you have in the product you sell. You were one of the primary reasons we ended up buying a Streetman Home. We had an inspection done as part of our 1-year anniversary and the inspector was very impressed with how well built the home was and found very little to have taken care of. He even felt sorry he didn't find more to justify his fee."

"Thank you so much for making such a beautiful home and making the process so easy for us. We have been overjoyed with our home since we moved in. It is gorgeous, unique, thoughtfully designed and well-built. We still encounter unexpected and serendipitous surprises. I am also proud to live in a 5-Star Green home. Our utilities are shockingly lower than our previous townhouse which was half the size, amazing!"

You see? Blessed!

Above is a picture of our Model. I'd like to personally invite you to come and join our Streetman Family here at Mueller. You will realize it was the best decision you ever made!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pure Awesome

"Pure Awesome".....ever heard that expression when describing something? Well, then you haven't seen our custom home we (Streetman Homes) have built at the Mueller neighborhood. We had the home on the HBA New Home Tour this past weekend (and will again April 17-18th)and the feedback was incredible....people were nearly "star struck". We have staged the home through an amazing designer named Esther Lavonne. It completely changes the look of the home....contemporary, but warm and inviting.

When you think of what is accomplished with this home....3664sf with 3rd floor sunset room(not included in square footage) that has pronominal views of downtown, UT & our 35 acre lake park along with 5, yes FIVE outdoor living areas. It really is amazing...let alone the 2-story Waterfall echoing peacefully throughout the home.

Please take a look at the new video we did (with the help of creative-meister Adam Grumbo) and let me know what you think. Please spread the word about this home to anyone you know may be interested.

Streetman Custom Home Video

Because we are closing out our final couple homes here at Mueller(til we get new homesites in years to come), we have lowered the price of this magnificent home to $995,000. I personally believe you will have built=in equity of multiple six-figures in a couple years at most.

This is a steal.

Come see me on the Upper Eastside of Austin at the Mueller neighborhood right away and I will personally give you a tour of this one of a kind masterpiece!

See you soon.....


Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is Here

As we feel the warmer temperatures begin to kick in this time of year, things continue to be warm here at Mueller as well. We continue to sell Homes & Townhomes....we have just one of each remaining. Yep, 1 Townhome & 1 Single Family Home.

This Townhome is special....look at the wrap-around balcony, the huge windows, the cool design. And what is also so great about this Townhome, you can operate a small business with 8sf of signage in the windows! How great is that if you are an Attorney, a Realtor, a Counselor, etc.

Don't miss out!

I promise you this will be gone in 10 days.

See you soon!

"Bob the Builder"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Check it Out! CLOSE OUT!

It's Official. We are closing out our last 4 properties....which means the time has never been better for you to own a Green Home here at Mueller. We have discounted our last 4 homes from $20,000 - $25,000 dollars. That's huge!
As the flyer shows, we have 2 1-story plans available as early as April and two Townhomes available now.(Click on Flyer to View Larger Size)
Please come see me at our Model here at Mueller (2300 Tom Miller St).
Best Homes, Best Quailty, Best Service, and now Great Pricing!
See you soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

As I mentioned in my last blog, we are now winding down the last few remaining Streetman homes here at Mueller. Things keep selling here. We have only 1 home site remaining and I will begin a brand new 1-Story in next few weeks unless someone buys now and wants a 2-story. It is loaded with features and is under $500,000. It will have great views of the Downtown Skyline, UT Tower, Greenbelt and Lake. Just check out the beauty of this last home…the Wichita.

Also, we decreased the number of Town Homes remaining with another sale. Only 2 left.

There are great opportunities on these last remaining homes. Don’t wait. It is nearly official that we will not have new Streetman Homes here at Mueller for quite some time…more than a year…probably longer….so don’t kick yourself and say ”I wish I would have bought a Streetman at Mueller when I had the chance!” Too many times this happens and it is not a good feeling.
Come see us right away...share this blog with everyone you know may have an interest in Mueller.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winding Down...Time to Take Advantage

Wow, today is February 1st....where did January go, let alone 2009. As has been stated in earlier posts, we are about out of opportunities to own a home here in Mueller. Building the highest quality and greenest homes here in Mueller, we have only ONE (1) remaining homesite left to build one of these incredible 5-Star Green homes. Now here is the beauty of this homesite: it is a greenbelt homesite, it has views of the Downtown, views of the UT Tower and Lake Views. Anything better than about really great neighbors. Yep, very cool people on your block. Also, we can build 4 different plans on this last homesite. A cool 2355sf 1-Story, a 3100sf 1 1/2 Story, and 2 different 2-story plans ranging from 3256 - 3326sf....and you could even add a Carriage House on the 2-Story plans.
If you or anyone you know wants to be in Mueller, make sure you have them come see me right away.....the last homesite never last long.

More good news....we have 3 cool contemporary Townhomes remaining. They range in size from 1715sf to 1796sf. They have stained concrete floors, tankless water heaters, 10' ceilings, 8' doors, granite, custom cabinets, stainless appliances, and large outdoor courtyards with A/C unit moved to the garage roof so you can enjoy more space & more quiet. As you can see by the photo,

they are unique and they have been highly sought after here at Mueller. Don't wait....and the one more thing...we just put "Close-out" pricing on them with reductions of up to $20,000. Nows the time to Live, Work, Shop & Play at Mueller....and no better way to do that in a Streetman Home!

Why is now the time.....remember the earlier post about the Perfect Storm....the stars are aligned. Low prices, low interest rates and Tax Credits....for 1st time buyers AND now even for existing homeowners! One more HUGE reason...there may not be any more homes available at Mueller for more than a year! We have outsold the developer putting in the infrastructure. So get in now during the Perfect Storm.

Come see us at 2300 Tom Miller Street. We are open from 10 - 6pm (Sun 12 - 6). Please feel free to share this blog with friends and family and even follow or add to us to your Facebook.

Till next time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get It While You Can.........

Happy New Year to you the last post stated....what a year it was. Record breaking. But as the old saying goes, what have you done for me lately?
Mueller has been the best selling community in all of Central Texas for the past 2 years. So to say it has been successful is an gross understatement. So when I tell you we have only two, yep 2, homesites available, you better "get it while you can".
There is no question, there will be other homesites down the road...but they look like they will be at least one year from now when you know interest rates will be much higher. They will be more expensive and may be more restricted as to what can be built. So, if you want a 5-Star Green Single Family Home at Mueller, you have little if any time remaining. Jump on it now & feel good about living in the best homes in Mueller, on the best homesites and with the best views in the Community of the Year!. Yes sir...both these homesites have spectacular views of downtown, the UT Tower, lake views and a greenbelt designed by the Lady Bird Wildflower Center...anything better than that...didn't think so.
Here's the additional beauty....we can build 5 different plans on those two homesites....two 1-Story homes and three 2-Story homes ranging from 2355sf to 3326sf with optional Carriage House on two of the plans. We have never had that kind of flexibility, 2 great homesites and 5 plan choices. Just keeps getting better, eh?
Please don't wait. There is nothing worse than waiting and then losing out. Hurts everytime.
Treat yourself this year. You deserve it. I want you to enjoy all the good things which happen with your life when owning a Streetman Home here at Mueller. You & your family will wonder why you waited so long.....