Saturday, May 29, 2010

Streetman, Mueller & Austin...An Unbeatable Combination

I saw this week in my Kiplinger Report that Austin was voted the #1 Best City for the NEXT DECADE! Check out the video from Kiplinger's about their view of Austin.
Yep, that's right...for the next decade. How many times do we all say how fortunate we are to be in Austin, Texas? If you are like me, it is many times a week. I thank my lucky stars my wife Amy and I chose to move to Austin 4 1/2 years ago. Did we ever get that right.
Couple that decision with selling homes for Streetman and you'd begin to think I was a wise ole(not old)sage. Add on to that being honored to represent Streetman at Mueller, and I have achieved the trifecta! #1 City, #1 Builder and #1 a friend of mine says.... "Just Living the Dream"!
Don't miss out on visiting us here at Mueller. We have just the couple single family homes and 1 Townhome.
Have a great Memorial Day better gift for the Holiday weekend than a move to the Upper Eastside Mueller neighborhood while living in the best home built in Austin.

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