Saturday, May 22, 2010

What A Great Place

I write today after experiencing a wonderful evening here at Mueller. Last night, one of our Streetman homeowners, Cherie & Jon Werner, had a party celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary, a Birthday and 1 Year in their beautiful new home. They wanted to share this evening with family, friends and their neighbors here at Mueller. What a special evening. Some 75 people enjoying their beautiful home and being a part of a special evening where we also witnessed the Werner's renewing their wedding Vows. How wonderful it was to experience this and seeing their 3 most amazing & gifted daughters you will ever meet experience the love of their parents amongst 75 of their friends.
Why I share this with you all is to express what an amazing place Mueller is. The highest quality people you will meet. Many fellow Streetman homeowners enjoying the evening and feeling so good about their Streetman homes. In fact, my wife Amy also attended the evening and met many of my homeowners. Phyllis and Jan Smith, a neighbor of Werner's were so proud of their home they wanted to share it with Amy. And what a beautiful home....and they have done such a wonderful job with their home. To see them beaming about their home is so flattering and satisfying. It reminds me how fortunate I am to represent Streetman homes and being here at Mueller.

When I drove into our neighborhood today (I always cruise through entire area to get a pulse for the day) I witnessed a great site with parents playing & teaching their kids a new game in the park. Not the prettiest of days, but a crowded park enjoying the beauty of Mueller.

Or my first visitors here in my Model today was a family of 4 that put their bikes in their truck, drove here to Mueller and are riding their bikes around the neighborhood. Seriously, how many neighborhoods can say that. This is a rare place...come experience it. We have 4 homes left, now including my Award winning Model, and one Townhome. Come see me right away & experience what I get to experience every day....a great neighborhood, lasting friendships, wonderful homes & a feeling of satisfaction you have made the right choice!

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  1. You sure can tell you love what you do. It is awesome you have so many great homeowners. I guess that is why you won Top Salesperson.